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Community of Support

A Community of Support Meg Bradley, Love in Action Staff Winter 2021 What happens if you don’t have that support...

Love in Action Co-op Coming Soon

Love in Action Co-op Coming Soon Matt Lehr, Sr. Director of Program Development & Housing Winter 2021 One of our...

A Note from the Executive Director

A Note from the Executive Director Executive Director, Josh Bytwerk Winter 2021 This fall has afforded an opportunity that I...

Thank you for your gift. Lives are changed, not merely because resources make a difference, but also because compassion does.

Donation Impact

  • ♥ $25 one month of Backpack Blessings
  • ♥ $48 each night at Hope House and Harbor Hall including food and classes
  • ♥ $50 weekly cost of case management per person
  • ♥ $167 cost per patient visit at the clinic
  • ♥ $200 one week worth of groceries
  • ♥ $270 average cost of utility assistance
  • ♥ $1150 average cost of rental support

Love in Action is a non-profit ministry organized as a 501c3 in the State of Michigan.