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Love in Action Stories

Stories of Love in Action 2023

Carrie moved to the Tri-Cities with her husband and three small children for her husband’s promising new job at a local company. Daycare costs were too high to warrant Carrie getting a job, and food costs, without more income, became a significant problem. Carrie began connecting with LIA to receive food until the kids are old enough for her to go back to work. 

Doug and Evelyn have worked for years, but now as seniors their social security checks just don’t get them to the end of every month. They are able to make it thanks to food support through their church’s LIA pantry that provides them with food every other week. 

Carrie, a mother who was able to stay in her home thanks to rental assistance from area churches, was moved by a staff member’s prayer for her and the love she received. As a result, she chose to begin attending a local church along with her family. 

After losing her spouse, Teresa came to LIA to learn about how to make her finances work. After sitting with a LIA volunteer, she came up with her own plan to make use of some skills she had caring for others and adding a bit of income. She has been able to make her budget work thanks to some good advice and support.   

Curt struggled with addiction for years. He came to LIA and began volunteering when he needed a place to stay out of the cold in the winter months. Eventually he was able to move into Harbor Hall, living in a supportive community and escaping homelessness as he faced his challenges. 

Karla came to the LIA dental clinic with a lot of fear and a great deal of pain. Her mental health challenges had made dental appointments a crisis and yet she needed to have several extractions to avoid infection and worsening difficulty. The team at LIA came up with a plan where her dental care could occur in a single day and walked with her through the process. Today she is pain free and truly thankful for the volunteer dentist and team who cared for her. 

Jenn works many hours each week as a single mom trying to keep her kids cared for. But an unexpected car repair presented her with a terrible choice between keeping her car running or paying their family’s mortgage. LIA’s Housing Ministry Collaborative, a partnership with area churches, helped her keep up with her housing costs and get to work with a repaired car. 

John was experiencing medical difficulty when he happened past the sign for LIA’s free clinic. He had been ignoring his symptoms since he knew, without insurance, he could not afford care. He was diagnosed with a life-threatening infection, and thanks to a local specialist who volunteered to help, received treatment that potentially saved his life. 

Abby came to Hope House after years when her only social connections were broken relationships that had let her down. At Hope House she met women who came around her and truly befriended her. Abby now lives on her own but returns to visit and enjoy a community of area women who support and encourage her. 

Ken lost his driver’s license due to addiction. He lives locally and has been able to recover and restart his career by working at a local manufacturer. He rides a mile to work daily on a bicycle he received through LIA’s bike ministry at First Christian Reformed Church.  

Every other week Tricia comes to a LIA food truck. She and her family are keeping up on their bills but need a bit of help. The fresh produce offers her family healthy options that are hard to afford. 

Jean, a single, older woman, volunteers at an LIA store. She originally came to LIA because she had a problem with her kitchen sink. When she asked for help a group of volunteers installed a new one for her. She was so thankful that she has been giving back through her time each week as a volunteer. 

Pete has been caring for his parents for years at the expense of his own health. Unable to manage a career, caring for family and other needs, his dental care had gone by the wayside. In coming to the LIA clinic, Pete not only received the dental care he had been lacking, but also learned of respite and other services that could help provide better care for his parents. 

Tom works at a local manufacturing company and uses LIA’s food resources to make ends meet for his family. After coming to the food trucks, he realized he could serve others as a part of the volunteer team. Each month, he serves as a key part of LIA’s volunteer food distribution team. 

MaryAnne came to LIA’s food truck after a divorce. She met a group of women who included her and informed her of other resources she needed. Today she celebrates Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays with friends, thanks to the community she has formed at LIA. 

Mike never thought he would be homeless, yet an emotional crisis caused him to lose his job. The crisis also put him in touch with people who cared at LIA and their real faith stories caused him to join a local church. He recently chose to be baptized and join the church. He credits his time at Harbor Hall for his faith. 

Holly unexpectedly had to change jobs affecting her insurance and discontinuing her access to essential blood pressure and heart medication. Through the LIA clinic she was able to restart her medication after a time of not being able to afford to see a doctor. Now, with insurance regained, she is back with her primary care provider in her new job. 

Ken came to LIA in need of food but was invited to come to a supportive class as well. More than education, Ken met others who inspired him and who he found he could help with his story. Each month Ken had run out of his social security money. After joining EmpowerU Ken was able to save money and be a help to others. 

Char came to LIA after losing her husband unexpectedly. As a young mom with children, she was unable to find housing. After living in Hope House, Char was able to find her own place and now serves other homeless women helping them to feel the love she experienced. 

Bob began working at LIA after years of owning his own business. After several months of serving, he shared how his experiences had changed him. We don’t know what is happening in the lives around us unless we get close enough to listen, he shared one day after working with men from Harbor Hall. It is not what I expected; it’s way better!” 

Thank you for your gift. Lives are changed, not merely because resources make a difference, but also because compassion does.

Donation Impact

  • ♥ $25 one month of Backpack Blessings
  • ♥ $50 One night of shelter including meals and support
  • ♥ $231 cost per patient visit at the Health/Dental Clinic
  • ♥ $200 one week’s worth of groceries
  • ♥ $270 average cost of utility assistance
  • ♥ $10300 average cost of rental support

Love in Action is a non-profit ministry organized as a 501c3 in the State of Michigan.