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Love in Action unites the resources of local churches, businesses, ministries and the community as a whole to meet needs and provide support. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, you are welcome here!

Who we are

Each of us, whether a client, staff member or volunteer,  has unique strengths. At Love in Action we believe that working together with those strengths builds a strong community. When we recognize the talents in each of us, we contribute to making a difference in all of us. This is community at its core, building and growing together. We love being a part of it! 

Our mission is to center on Jesus, who loves everyone, to transform lives by empowering people to thrive. We are people being transformed! That is who we are…

Need Help?

If you are in need of food, clothing, medical care, shelter, or another need please contact us. We offer a variety of services to help our neighbors. At Love in Action, differences are respected and all are included.

Get involved

There’s nothing like serving in your neighborhood and giving back to your community. Often volunteering helps us personally as much as it helps others. Love in Action is made up of hundreds of volunteers so please sign up and make a difference here!

A look inside Love in Action

Read true stories of those who we have been able to walk alongside, who have become an integral part of our community and changed us from the inside out.

Co-op update

Co-op Update Fall 2022 As we move towards the close of 2022, the LIA Community Co-op is beginning to take

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Client Advisor, Robin Terlaan

Robin Terlaan, a Client Advisor at Love in Action, recently reflected on her time as a volunteer. She began volunteering in March of this year and has already felt the positive impact of helping others.

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Note from ED-Fall2022

At Love in Action the mission truly is simple. Occasionally it can sound complicated with dozens of ministries and partners all working together to meet needs. And often individual lives are complicated. Yet our true mission is simply to build up, encourage, and restore what is broken. As St. Paul once put it, we seek to encourage each other and build each other up. For each of us there are places of brokenness. LIA is a community of people who come around each other with the love of Jesus.

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Thank you for your gift. Lives are changed, not merely because resources make a difference, but also because compassion does.

Donation Impact

  • ♥ $25 one month of Backpack Blessings
  • ♥ $48 each night at Hope House and Harbor Hall including food and classes
  • ♥ $50 weekly cost of case management per person
  • ♥ $167 cost per patient visit at the clinic
  • ♥ $200 one week worth of groceries
  • ♥ $270 average cost of utility assistance
  • ♥ $1150 average cost of rental support

Love in Action is a non-profit ministry organized as a 501c3 in the State of Michigan.