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What exactly is EmpowerU?

EmpowerU is a program of Love in Action designed to gather people together to connect, learn, and grow in different areas of life. Financial Fitness is a class of EmpowerU that fosters community and offers coaching and resources to all who participate. Whether you are unsure where to start or want a fresh perspective, these classes are for you!

Financial Fitness is a FREE 8-week money management program with a focus on budgeting, spending, debt, etc. including four weeks of one on one financial coaching.

Financial Fitness

Why take this class?

  • Build friendships
  • Personal finance education
  • Debt reduction solutions
  • Mentorship program
Participant Resources:
  • Food vouchers
  • Clothing vouchers
  • Gas cards or bus passes
  • Car Repair Ministry

What people say about Financial Fitness

“I love this class. I can’t believe how much this has helped my life and where I need to be financially. And I made good friends too"!
Financial Fitness Participant
"This class has helped not only my finances but also my relationships".
Brenda, Financial Fitness Participant

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Thank you for your gift. Lives are changed, not merely because resources make a difference, but also because compassion does.

Donation Impact

  • ♥ $25 one month of Backpack Blessings
  • ♥ $50 One night of shelter including meals and support
  • ♥ $231 cost per patient visit at the Health/Dental Clinic
  • ♥ $200 one week’s worth of groceries
  • ♥ $270 average cost of utility assistance
  • ♥ $10300 average cost of rental support

Love in Action is a non-profit ministry organized as a 501c3 in the State of Michigan.