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Car Repairs Covered

Vehicle Repairs, And Renewed Hope

EmpowerU Graduate 2021

­­­This past year has been SO difficult, and trying to remain positive has been a challenge. We’ve been putting off extensive vehicle repairs because we didn’t want to ask for help. We were determined to make it on our own as long as possible.

Finally, the point came where we could no longer put off repairs. We wanted to keep our vehicle as it is SO dependable and has lots of good years left. But while trying to save for repairs, it had so many problems that it was time to take it in and pray we would have enough to pay for it later.

My hubby and I became eligible for Love in Action’s Car Ministry after completing a Financial Fitness course. Graduates may receive assistance with minor car repairs and maintenance under this ministry. Jan, LIA’s Community Care Coordinator, partnered with Bekins Auto Service, Grand Haven, MI for an estimate. We would see how much could be done within the set budget and how much we would have to let go.

Jan received a call a few days later from a gentleman with Bekins Auto Service. He said the car was ready to go, and all the repairs had been completed. Jan asked what the amount owed was. He said “nothing” as he explained that he worked with the parts store, and it turned out all parts were covered under warranty, and Bekins covered the labor. We could pick up the vehicle, and there was nothing owed by us. We were SO grateful and blessed by two of Grand Haven’s finest and compassionate establishments in our time of need.

I cried all the way home, anxious to share with my hubby how great these two were. It drove like a brand new vehicle again.

Jan – you were at the beginning of our needs, and you saw that we were taken care of, and for this, we are blessed beyond words. And the repair shop was able to take care of us as well. The Lord knows who has needs and steers the problems to those capable of spreading the goodness to others.

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