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Providence Place

A Community Where HOME is Accessible to All
Another “hand-up” ministry of Love in Action

Love in Action has a legacy of successfully helping adults and families secure and sustain homes in our community. We do this through our EmpowerU adult self-sufficiency program, our sheltered housing programs, and a myriad of other programs which are designed to support individuals and families. 

Nearly 8,000 more affordable housing units are needed in our area. The ability to secure affordable housing is a large burden for many individuals and families attempting to establish their home here. When combined with a need for accessibility, this challenge is daunting.

Thanks to our generous community, Love in Action has developed a piece of this needed infrastructure in our community through the establishment of Providence Place. This facility now provides eight needed income-based units, four of these units are completely accessible for those living with physical disabilities. 

Living Room
Comfortable living area
Spacious kitchen
Spacious sink and bath
Plenty of room upstairs
Two bedrooms for families